What I’m Packing for a Holiday in Budapest

This time tomorrow I will off for one last adventure before my summer ends. I’m going to Budapest!! I only packed my suitcase today and spent the afternoon trying on all kinds of outfits, so I figured I would show you guys what I’m packing. I am going for 6 days and I want to pack as little as possible so I picked pieces that would mix and match. I also decided to stick to a colour palette for the most part, so literally all my pieces go together (and my Instagram feed will be on point too👌).

What I'm Packing for Holidays

All together I have packed 2 dresses, 1 pair of culottes, 2 pairs of shorts, 1 skirt, 5 tops, 2 swimsuits, 1 bikini, 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 handbag and 2 lipsticks. I haven’t shown all of the pieces here. I’m missing out a dress (polka dot cami dress – for an evening out), a cream sheer blouse, a pair of silk shorts, leopard print bikini, metallic lipstick and a white cold shoulder top, but I have included some of them in the outfits below. I am also planning on wearing jeans, a cosy sweater, denim jacket and some trainers on the flight over so that I have some warmer pieces too in case the evening get a bit cooler.

Holiday Outfit Ideas for DAY

Holiday Outfit Ideas - DAY

When I’m not lounging around in my swimwear, trying to squeeze as much tan out of the sun as I can before my summer is over, I’ll probably be wearing denim shorts. I love that because I have chosen to pack full swimsuits with me, they can double up as a top when worn with some shorts during the day, while going to and from the pool. I also have a white co-ord packed for one of the days, or even the evening, and it’s a very exciting DIY so I am hoping to get some beautiful pictures on holidays and have the post up as soon as I get back. I’ve packed very few accessories but I couldn’t go without a great pair of sunglasses, a red lip and a red handbag. I also just packed one pair of shoes so fingers crossed they will be comfy!

Holiday Outfit Ideas for NIGHT

Holiday Outfit Ideas - NIGHT

It’s very easy to look chic for an evening or night out when you stick to a monochrome colour palette, so that is exactly what I did. Apart from the odd pop of denim I’ve packed mainly black or white/cream items with gold and red accents such as a red handbag, red lipstick and gold sandals. The temperatures are still going to be quite high in the evenings so I’ve picked looks that are a bit more covered up but are still light and airy and comfortable (so I can do all that holiday eating in comfort!).

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