What I wore in Marrakech: DIY Outfits

marrakech outfits

I wanted to share some of my outfits from my recent trip to Marrakech with you guys. Before I went I was googling what people were wearing over there, so I knew exactly what to pack. I wanted to know how covered up I needed to be. It turns out, I didn’t need to be quite as covered as I thought. They do suggest for women that you cover your shoulders/chest, stomach and thighs, which I mostly did, but I also wore a strapless jumpsuit on my last night so it’s all about seeing what you, and everyone else around you, can get away with. I did start off more covered up at the start of my trip and gradually relaxed a bit with what I wore. Due to the fact I couldn’t just wear my typical ‘sun holiday’ attire in Marrakech, I actually ended up wearing much nicer outfits that I normally would, which was nice.

I also have quite a few newly DIY-ed pieces I wanted to share, and once the tutorials are up on my blog I will link them into the post.

pink top outfit

DIY Linen crop top and wrap skirt: As this was my first day in Marrakech I was pretty conscious of what I was wearing so I chose something that covered my shoulders and my legs (so basically all of me). This is a top I made myself that should be up on the blog shortly (I’ll link it HERE) and the skirt is a thrifted find  from Berlin that I picked up last summer for a mere €1 in Humana (if you don’t know it, it’s the best second hand store everrrr). I am also wearing a pair of slides that I picked up before the holiday, which was probably a bad idea becasue they weren’t comfy for walking and cut my feet in about an hour. I wore trainers for the rest of the week.

diy outfits wrap top 2

DIY Wrap top & Culottes: On our 2nd day I was still covering up so I wore this t-shirt style wrap top I made just before my holiday and some lightweight jersey culottes. I also kept this shirt tied around my waist a lot while I was here becasue it was a very handy cover-up if I need it. Also, bumbag!! Need I say more.

wrap skirt ootd

DIY Wrap Skirt & Tank top/dress: This is by far my favourite outfit but I think it is juts becasue of the beautiful photos. These were taken in the YSL Gardens and oh my they do live up to their infamous beauty. Well worth a visit! I wore my DIY wrap skirt over a tank style dress, so it doubled up as a top, although my butt was very, very hot that day! Not sure if I’d recommend doubling up on layers! But it was handy for later on becasue once back at my Riad I whipped off the skirt and just wore my dress. I accessorised today becasue I knew there would be many, many photos so I wore my sun hat that I had from last year and a straw bag that I picked up in SVP charity shop for €4.

diy outfits 3

DIY Jumpsuit: Unfortunately not a DIY I recorded so it won’t be up on the blog (BUT I could make another one if you’d like the tutorial? Let me know), but I made this the evening before my End of Year Show for college becasue I had ‘nothing to wear’ (nothing I wanted to wear) and I’m so glad that I got to take it on holidays too and get even more wear out of it. It’s a very lovely lightweight fabric so it worked well for the hot climate. I also wore this on the last night of out trip and I tied the straps under my arms to make it strapless. Yes, strapless in Marrakech, I got daring as the week went on!

outfit maxi dress

Maxi Dress: This dress is my mum’s. She picked it up on a holiday in Portugal so as you can imagine it’s the perfect fabric for hot weather. It’s so light an airy, I wished everything I owned was made from that exact fabric. It was super comfy and nicely covered up without being too hot. I’d highly recommend lightweight maxi dresses for places like Marrakech.


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