UPCYCLED Jeans to Denim Skirt

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Denim skirts are so ideal for the hot summer months, but why bother forking out for a new one when you probably have some un-loved jeans somewhere in the back of your closet. I actually decided to turn these jeans into a skirt because they were a little bit small on me. They sat around mid-rise height on my hips and were too tight, so I figured, if they sat a little higher on my waist it would fit nicely. And in skirt form it can do just that. This is definitely the easiest DIY project I have tackled in a long time, and an hour or so after I started cutting the jeans I was already wearing the skirt. So let’s go..

All you will need is:

  • A pair of jeans

  • Stitch Ripper

  • Sewing machine/sewing needle

  • Matching thread to that already on the jeans

11. Cut the jeans to the length you want your skirt to be, or even a little longer to be safe.

22. Using a stitch-ripper, open the inside/crotch seam.

353. Rip the seam up as far as you need to in order for the two sides to lie flat on top of each other.

64. Using an extra piece of denim, from the leg of the jeans, pin this in place to close up the triangle gap in the skirt. Do this for the front and back. Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine, or a really neat hand stitch.

RTGHYJUKIL5. Once the gaps have been filled, trim the hem of the skirt to ensure everything is straight. If you cut the entire hem, do ensure you go back over the edge of the stitches you did, to ensure they stay in tact. Pull some of the threads to fray the end of the skirt if you like, or throw it into the washing machine. Or, if you like, you can turn up the hem if you’d like a neater look.

Now throw on your skirt and enjoy!!! I would like to point out that my outfit pictures were taken by my 10 year old niece, Maya. Isn’t she great!!

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