Travel Capsule Wardrobe | 3 Weeks in Asia

This month I am travelling to Asia for almost 3 weeks. I will be in Nepal for 2 weeks and India for 4/5 days. I am so excited, not just for the actual adventure, but to plan a new mini Capsule Wardrobe. I love to challenge myself to live with a tiny Capsule Wardrobe. For this trip I’ve included just 12 pieces.


The Pieces


• 2 x Jumpsuits (both 100% cotton) • 3 x Tees • 1 x longer sleeved top (100% linen)

• 1 x cropped leggings • 1 x Culottes (100% Lyocell) • 1 x Midi skirt (70% Linen, 30% )

• 1 x Shirt (100% Lyocell) • 1 x cosy cardigan (for evenings) • 1 x trainers

I did to aim to choose only natural fabrics for this holiday. Cotton and linen is more breathable than synthetic fabrics, which is very important in hotter countries, and I’m also making an effort to only buy natural fabrics from now on – regardless of whether they are new or second hand. Almost all of these pieces are made from Cotton, Linen or Lyocell. A few of the pieces were already in my wardrobe (the cardigan, the grey & black tee, the leggings, the trainers), some were bought second hand specifically with this trip in mind (the white tee, the grey skirt, the stripe jumpsuit, the black linen top) and one was a little DIY project (the Orange Jumpsuit  – see HERE – not the one that’s pictured).

The Outfits


I do realise a trip like this is way more about the experience than what I wear, but I still want to get some nice photos for my blog and Instagram, and I really enjoy styling new outfits for new environments. Most of the items are very basic and in very neutral colours, which makes them very easy to mix and match. I did add a small pop of colour with this DIY jumpsuit in this beautiful burnt orange hue (once I get some photos of this, I can pop the tutorial on the blog). I will probably travel over in my striped jumpsuit, because it’s my largest item so it makes sense to wear it instead of packing it – and it’s very comfortable! I’m sure I’ll have many more outfit options from these 12 items, so stay tuned on my Instagram to see what I’ll be wearing, and to see what else I get up to on my trip.


Tips for creating a travel Capsule Wardrobe:

Check the weather. You will want to know what to expect from the weather if you are looking to make your clothing as versatile as possible. If there will be rain you’ll need to make room for a rain coat and waterproof shoes. If it gets cold at night, make room for some long bottoms and a jumper or cardigan. Layers will also help with this (I’m thinking I can layer my short leggings under a lot of my pieces in the evenings when it gets cooler).

Check to see what is culturally appropriate. You don’t want to be packing lots of shorts and dresses if you won’t actually feel comfortable wearing them over there. Some places will have strict dress codes, and others you might just feel uncomfortable showing a lot of skin if no one else is.

Stick to a colour palette. This doesn’t have to be very difficult, and you don’t have to wear all of the same colour. But choosing colours that you know will go together will make getting dressed everyday very easy, and will give you more options for each item. You’ll want all of your tops to go with all of your bottoms to maximise on space. Choose 3 or 4 base colours (brown, black, grey, white, beige, blue/denim etc) and 1 or 2 accent colours (orange).

• This is more about actually packing, but I have MarieKondo-ed all my clothes so that they take up as little space as possible. Use the Konmari folding method . If you don’t know what this is, it’s basically folding each item into the smallest rectangle possible. An alternative is to roll your clothes because I always find this takes up less space than normal folding and creates less creases.


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