Thrifting the Trends : The 70’s | Why you don’t need to shop the high street to find the latest trends

Open any fashion magazine these days and it’s all about the latest trends for Autumn/Winter 2018. What they are, where to buy them and why you need to wear them. The thing is, you don’t need to wear any trends that you don’t want to. Trends are great but having a personal style that stays a bit more consistent is timeless. However, there are ways to incorporate a few trends into your signature style or Capsule Wardrobe without looking like you fell straight out of a glossy magazine (not that that’s always a bad thing!).

I’ve decided to do a few trend led posts, introducing you to some of my favourite trends of the season. First up is the seventies trends, which has been around for a little while now. That’s the thing about trends; sometimes they actually last. For summer the seventies trends was all about loose, bohemian dresses and tie-dye t-shirts. For Autumn however, think heavier fabrics like cord, velvet, leather and knitwear. In terms of colours, browns and burnt oranges are having a major moment of their own. There’s a little micro trend for you!

The 70’s 

styling the seventies no 1

As you know, I have a Capsule Wardrobe. I just posted up a video introducing all 38 pieces of my Autumn Capsule. Well, here is my first trend led piece that I’ll be adding into it. My burnt orange mega-flares!! (so flared, I almost tripped over my own legs a few times). I picked these up on Depop, my favourite place for second hand shopping.

styling the 70s 12

Most of my outfit here is second hand. The leather jacket is a vintage number from Camden Market, a total steal at £10. My handbag is also from a charity shop, and cost me only €1 in SVP, Limerick. My boots and polo neck were bought new, but they are last AW stock, and such basic piece that I know I’ll have them for many Autumns and Winters to come.

The thing about trends that belong to an era, like 70’s / 80’s / 60’s etc, vintage shops are the perrrfect place to look for pieces. They will actually be from these eras, and be of much better quality than whatever you can buy on the high-street. Another bonus is hat you’ll be wearing something different to what everyone else is wearing. I mean, how many times have you seen someone wearing that leopard print & Other Stories skirt this autumn? Exactly!! Too many. It’s a beautiful skirt, but I don’t want to wear the same thing as everybody else. Do you?

styling the 70s 13


You might think that looking for specific items second hand is difficult, but with apps and websites dedicated to buying and selling second hand items, like Depop or ASOS Marketplace, it’s very easy to narrow down your search to whatever it is you’re after. If it’s just a style/era, colour or fabric you’re looking for, then it can be very useful to just go around your local charity shops, because a lot of them are colour co-ordinated. For AW’18, think about browns, beiges and oranges if you want to nail the look.

styling the seventies no 4styling the 70s 10

I hope you guys enjoyed this kind of post. Pleeeeeeeease let me know if you did (I live for your feedback), and also let me know what other trends you’d like me to try and thrift. xx


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