Thrifting the Trends: Clashing Prints for A/W

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures cooler and my wardrobe is filling up with heavier layers and darker colours. At this time of year I am drawn to anything soft and cosy, that resembles staying wrapped in a blanket.

One new addition to my Winter Capsule Wardrobe has been this burgundy super-soft sweater. I spied it in my local charity shop and once I touched it I couldn’t not take it home with me. It cost me a mere $2.50 too, which was a bonus. It’s a really great colour for this time of year, and a great foundation colour for the rest of this clashing outfit.

faux fur coat 2faux fur coat 7

I love a good print clash, and I always find checks and animal prints are really easy to clash with. For me, they’re both quite staple prints; a basic, you could say. So both of them together is my ultimate print clash. Another easy print to mix & match is stripes (another basic). You’ve seen my leopard print coat (another second hand steal) in my last Thrifting the Trends post, and for the bottoms, I’m wearing a jumpsuit that I made at the end of summer. This cost me nothing but a few euros for the fabric and many hours of sewing, but I loved making it and I love wearing it even more. I usually wear it with a polo neck layered underneath, but I decided to change things up and style them like trousers for this look.

To create some kind of shape with the sweater and jumpsuit I added a belt (something to tuck the sweater into/onto). I then added my usual black ankle boots and black cross-body handbag (also a charity shop find for €1). This outfit was worn out for a Sunday lunch so it had to be roomy and comfy, but still look somewhat put-together.

faux fur coat 8faux fur coat 4faux fur coat 3

I have been really enjoying buying 99% of my clothing in charity shops and in second hand stores in 2018. I can still count the amount of brand new items I have bought on two hands, which is a record for me for a whole year. I’m thinking 2019 will need a bigger challenge though? Only DIY-ing my own clothes? Only buying 10 new items? Just 3 new items for each season? What do you guys think? Vote below in the comments, and the most popular idea will win.

(Am I really giving you guys this much control over my shopping? 😛 ) xx

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