Thrifted Homeware | What I picked up for my New Room

Before I moved to London, I had it in my mind that I wanted to get as much of my new homeware second hand as I possibly could. It was difficult to bring anything over with me, seeing as I only packed 2 suitcases to move here. I’m living in a house share but our room is really big, with a garden at the back, so we are very blessed with space. With so much space to play with, we have divided up the room into a bedroom space and a living space. I just posted a Room Tour video on my YouTube channel if you’re interested in seeing the whole space.

We did take a trip to Ikea to pick up some pieces that we struggled to find in charity shops and markets such as a rug, some storage boxes, some extra cushions and a few other bits, but I am so happy with what I managed to find in charity shops like Oxfam, and even some bits from the side of the road! (Yup, really!)

thrifted homeware 6

Wire bowl | Oxfam £2.99

This was kind of an impulse purchase. I was looking to pick up some wicker baskets or small bowls for storage, and I spotted this. I fell in love and took it home and now it’s the perfect place to keep my biscuits and chocolates for when I’m having a tea. I love the pop of colour too, and I really think this inspired a lot of other colours we’ve chosen for the room.

thrifted homeware 5

Velvet Cushion Covers | Charity Shop £2 each

I was soooo happy to find these cushion covers in a charity shop because this was the exact colour I wanted in our room. When I bought them they had a very blingy strip of diamanté on one side, but with the help of a stitch-ripper that came off pretty easily. Some people may have turned their noses up at these covers because of the bling, but I knew it could be so easily removed!

thrifted homeware 2

Crates | Found beside a bin £0

These were a really handy find, and although they are plastic, I’m putting them to  good use, so they’re living a new life with me. #reuse #recycle !! There was a load of these plastic crates left near a bin in Victoria Park, so we grabbed what we could carry, which was 4, as we were also carrying home our new plant babies (pictured here). We stacked them up and secured them with some cable ties. They make the perfect little plant stand, and they can also hold a nice cup of tea too.

thrifted homeware 3

Plants pots | Oxfam £1 each

This first thing I purchased for my room were these plants, so I had to go on ahunt for some plant pots. I was around Covent Garden one day and popped into the Oxfam near there, only to find a bit of a sale. I found these pots for a few quid each, and after the discount, they only cost me about £3 for the lot. The plants were fairly inexpensive themselves, and I was really happy to pick them up from a little flower stall outside Westfield Stratford.

thrifted homeware 1

Wicker Basket | Side of the road £0

We found this basket left on the side of the road, just after we said we would love a basket as a plant stand. It was fate! If you have certain items in mind for your home, keep your eyes peeled when you’re out and about. people leave all sorts of things by the side of the road or by bins when they no longer want them. You just need to get there before the bin-people do.

If you’d like to see more of my new place, check out my room tour below! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this post has inspired you to make some second hand choices for your own home.

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