Super Easy Tofu Recipe

For the month of January I am not eating any meat, so I decided it was time to try coking some Tofu. I have been a ‘reducetarian’ (eating LESS meat) for the last year and a half, but I wanted to cut it out completely this month because I feel as though I over-indulged a bit over Christmas. Normally in college I don’t buy meat when I’m doing my food shopping, but at home, that was a different story. I have cooked tofu before while I was living in Berlin last summer, but I never managed to make it very tasty. I googled a few different sauces and marinades before tweaking it to suit myself, and here’s what I came up with. This recipe is also Vegan!! I picked up this tofu in Tesco for €2, and only used half of it to cook up two portions, so it’s a fairly inexpensive meal, perfect for a student budget!

tofu 1

RECIPE (serves 2)

200g Tofu (or bout half a packet)

Chopped mushrooms

Broccoli (fresh or frozen)

Brown Rice (or whichever you’d prefer)

Sesame seeds to serve

For the marinade:

1 tsp crushed garlic

1/2 tsp chilli powder (add more if you like spicy)

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp grated ginger

1 – 2 tbsp agave nectar ( depending on how sweet you’d like it)


Press the tofu between two sheets of kitchen towel to drain the water from it. The more water you can drain out, the nicer the tofu will be once fried. Place something heavy on top if you have to.

Mix the ingredients for the marinade together. Chop the Tofu into chunks and pour the marinade over it. (If you don’t have time, you can just fry the tofu in the sauce but if you marinade the tofu it will be tastier).

Add a tbsp of coconut oil to a frying pan and add in the tofu and marinade. Allow to fry until slightly crispy. Add in the broccoli to the pan. You may want to microwave/boil/steam it a bit first to ensure it’s cooked through. The second time I had this meal I re-fried it in the pan and added in some sweetcorn, so if you want a bit more sweetness to the dish I would highly recommend sweetcorn!!).

Add in the sesame seeds while cooking.

Serve with rice or noodles, whichever you prefer, and sprinkle some more sesame seeds on top to make it look fancy !!

tofutofu 3

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