Recent Reads: Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin

If you’ve read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, or if you’ve read my post about it (HERE) you’ll know the kind of genre this book falls into. Better Than Before is certainly a self-help / personal development book but it’s a very easy read much like The Happiness Project. I read this over the space of a month or so, because I kept forgetting to read, but it could be read in a day or two if you really wanted to get through it. What I like about it though is exactly that, you don’t need to sit down and read it all at once. It’s the kind of book you can pick up every now and again and learn something new in each chapter.

better than before book rev 1

The main basis of the book is about learning to develop habits. Habits that will hopefully improve your life, and possibly habits you have been struggling to keep so far. It delves into the different habit forming types for individual people whether you’re an ‘upholder’ or a ‘rebel’ or a bit of a mix. I certainly learned a lot about how I resist building habits and how I can make it a bit easier in the future to stick to them. I’m a mix of an obliger and a rebel so it can be pretty tough to stick to any resolutions or form habits, no matter how much I want to. Going forward I’m going to use the ideas in this book to get myself back to the gym, develop a good early morning routine and spend more time doing the things I love, but sometimes consider too much hassle.

better than before book rev 2better than before book rev 4

If this sounds like a book you would like to read, you can buy it on The Book Depository for around €8. I buy all my books from TBD because they are nearly always (99.9% of the time) discounted and it has free worldwide delivery (not sponsored – I wish it was!!). I have recently put in two new orders for Ice-cream For Breakfast by Laura Jane Williams which I saw Olivia from What Olivia Did talking about in one of her videos recently, which is about indulging your inner child so that you can be happier and handle more of your adult problems, and also L’Art de la Simplicité by Dominique Loreau which is all about living more simply, which I am very into at the moment. I cannot wait to get back from all my travelling to two new books (Yes, I am easily pleased!).

What books have you guys been reading lately or what are your all time favourite reads? I am always looking for new book recommendations, so let me know in the comments, or if you have read any of the books I mentioned above and what you thought of them. Thanks for reading x

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