My Minimal Coat Collection

I’ve never really owned a lot of coats and I used to say I didn’t have enough, but looking at this little collection now I think I actually have all the basics covered. My grey wool coat is my most recent addition, which I actually made as part of College, and now that I have something in a lighter colour, I think I’m finally set. If you’re thinking of building a Capsule Wardrobe and are wondering which coats/outerwear you should have or keep, here’s my tops 6.
1. Trench Coat
This is the perfect all year round coat. It’s light enough to wear through Spring and Summer, and roomy enough to layer under for Autumn and Winter. I love the beige shade too becasue it’s a great neutral but a nice bright colour to lift darker outfits. I picked mine up in a second hand clothes sale.
2. Faux Fur / Leopard Print Coat
This is probably my most worn coat I own and I’ve had it for 6 years (and it’s still going strong). I feel that leopard print goes with everything so I can literally wear it with any outfit. And the fact that it’s faux fur means it’s really warm and cosy. It does usually get pushed aside for the warmer Summer months but I will never, ever get rid of it. It’s my cold weather saviour.
3. Grey Wool Coat
This is a great coat for a minimalist. Perfect shade and perfect style. I love the tie waist. This isn’t my exact coat but it is very similar to the one I made. It’s great to have a lighter colour in my wardrobe too to balance out all the black. And it’s a bit more dressy too.
4. Leopard Biker Jacket
This is my fun jacket. Again, leopard print.. So I wear it with anything, but if I’m looking for something more fun than my plain biker jacket this is what I will grab. I don’t wear it as much as I thought I would but I do still love it and think it’s also a bit timeless. So there’s still plenty of time to wear it.
5. Black Coat
What can I say? Black coat’s are pretty essential becasue they go with evveerryythhhingg. I picked mine up in a charity shop but it was actually new with tags (very handy). The leather look sleeves are a nice detail too.
6. Black Biker Jacket
The holy grail of all outerwear. I love it for grunging up a nice dress or something more girly, or to dress down something fancy. It’s also a good cold/wet weather outfit. Mine isn’t real leather, which is great because I’ve decided not to wear any real leather anymore, but you definitely don’t need to spend a tonne or get a real leather one to get a nice biker jacket.

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