My 15 Piece Travel Wardrobe (for 1 Whole Month)

You’ve seen my Berlin Capsule Wardrobe over on my Youtube Channel, but today I’m condensing it even more!! I’ve decided to do a bit of travelling at the end of my 3 months here in Berlin, but that’s not going to be as enjoyable if I’m carting around 2 heavy suitcases.. So I wanted to reduce down the number of items I’ll be wearing to fit into just one suitcase. The catch is though, that I’ll be living with just these pieces for a whole month, because I have to send my big suitcase home with my family when they come to visit me at the beginning of June. So from June 11th to whenever I arrive home in July… This is my wardrobe! (wow, that was long winded)…

Firstly I planned out my mini Capsule Wardrobe on Polyvore, because it meant I could plan out different outfits with these pieces (which you can see here) to see what pieces would work together as a mini capsule. Then I started pulling pieces from my wardrobe to see if they would all fit into my suitcase, with enough room left for my other essentials (laptop, cameras, makeup bag, beauty bits, books, sketchbook, etc).

I’ve talked about my wardrobe basics before, so you probably know my favourite pieces by now, but this is the most recent round-up of my most worn pieces plus a few extra summer/sun appropriate pieces. Who knows what the weather will be like but fingers crossed it’s nice or I will be living with even less pieces.

15 Piece Travel Wardrobe

Trench Coat / Slogan Sweater / Vintage Summer Dress / Soft Grey Sweater / Stripe Long Sleeve Top / Black Trousers / High Rise Jeans / Denim Shorts / Black Backpack / Red Cross-body Bag / Slogan Tee / Basic Black V-Neck Tee / Trainers (the comfy shoes)/ Loafers (the dressy shoes) / Sunglasses 🌞

travel ward

Wish me luck with this little Travel Wardrobe experiment. I think it’s going to be a great way to reduce down my closet even more and show myself just how few items I actually need in there. So hopefully when I do finally arrive home I will be ready for another de-cluttering session. If you give this 15 Piece Wardrobe a try do let me know, I would love to see your take on it. Tag me on Instagram (@gemma_dreamlovestyle) or Facebook or Twitter (@mcleangemma) or wherever you can find me 🙂

Also you can follow me on my social media sites (especially Instagram) to keep up with all my outfits from these 15 pieces for the month of June and a bit of July 🙂


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