How to add Trends to your Capsule Wardrobe

Today on my YouTube channel I’m sharing some new trends I’m adding to my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe, and I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks for working trends into you own Capsule closet. It can be nice to dabble in some trends from season to season even if you like a more minimal closet.However, you might want to really consider which ones will actually work for you and your own style.

Here are a few ways I incorporate trends into my Capsule Wardrobe.

faux fur 5

1.  Incorporate trends with basic pieces

If you’re looking to add in a certain trend like a colour or print, the most wearable and versatile way to do so would be to choose a basic piece, like a blazer, a coat, a simple skirt or dress; something you would already wear a lot of in a more basic colour. Switch up your plain faux fur coat for an animal print version; your basic a-line skirt for corduroy; your skinny / straight leg jeans for flares. There’s no point buying something that you might not actually wear or might not suit you and your style.

2. Colour trends

It’s very easy to add new colours in to your wardrobe, and this is probably the easiest way to work in the trends. Every season there are certain ‘trending’ colours. Incorporate these with basic capsule pieces like a plain sweater, a coat or with accessories like a bag or a hat. For this AW consider adding in some browns and burnt oranges.

styling the seventies no 3

3. Eras

Eras are always coming back into fashion, like the 60’s, 70′, 80’sand 90’s. If you visit your local thrift shop or vintage shop you’re bound to find some pieces from these times. Key pieces from these eras are the best way to work the trend e.g. flares for 70’s, power shoulder jackets for 80’s, shift dresses for 60’s etc. Also, consider which colours were popular during these times and play with that.

leopard cardi 9

4. Styling Trends

How we wear certain items can change from season to season. One minute it’s just a boring old cardigan, the next it’s the most sought after top in store. Try working with the pieces you already own, and see how their being worn on Pinterest and Instagram. To update your old coat you could add a belt. To update a dress layer a polo-neck underneath. It is 100% possible to be on trend with your capsule wardrobe without buying a single thing.

Check out my video to see which trends I’m adding in to my wardrobe this season.

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