Goals & Plans for the New Year

Hello 2019!


Ahhhhhh!! (virtual stretch).. What an amazing time for a fresh start and a fresh outlook on life. I LOVE the new year, because benchmarks like this are how I make sh*t happen in my life. Studies have shown that the beginning of a new year, a new month or a new week are the best time to start a new hobby or commitment. Which I can totally agree with. I mean, who starts anything new on, say, a Tuesday??

I filmed a video today chatting through some of my hopes and dreams for the coming year, from travel plans to career goals, and everything in between. But for those of you who don’t follow my YouTube channel or just prefer to cosy up and actually read a blog post, this one is for you.

walk in the park 2walk in the park 1



I really want to visit as many new places as I can this year, and venture further outside of Europe. I’ve only left Europe once, which was last year’s trip to Marrkech. It was so amazing to see a completely different culture and landscape than what I’m used to. This year, first stop on my list is Nepal.

📍Nepal / India

I’ll be packing up as little as possible and heading to Nepal for 2 weeks in March. It’s a group holiday where we’ll be travelling around from Katmandu to Pokhara to the small village of Bimiri. The trip will be to raise funds for the village of Bimiri to build piping to bring a fresh water supply to their village.

After the two weeks in Nepal, we’ll be stopping off in India on the way back for a 4 day stopover. Which will bring me right up until my birthday. What a nice way to celebrate.

I also want to see more of Europe, and now that I’m in the UK, Europe is a train ride away. First stop, Paris, France.

📍Paris, France

I’ve never been to Paris but it has always been quite close to the top of my list. Obviously as a lover of fashion it goes without saying that Paris is a must-see. I had considered a Valentines trip to Paris but it’s probably peak season then so perhaps another time. Although it would be amazing to be there around Fashion Week. All I really want to do is have coffee and croissant at some cute cafés, sample the cuisine, see the sites and try out the small bit of French I learned in school. Je parle un peu de francais.

A few more destinations on my list, depending on money and holidays from work (from the job I don’t yet have) I would love to visit 📍Italy and 📍Canada.

walk in the paRK 5



Since I’ve moved to London I’ve done a bit of a mix of work. I started out teaching English Online from the comfort of my bedroom (and pyjamas) which I thought would be great as it would give me lots of time for blogging, but I ended up just being uninspired because I didn’t leave my house all that much or meet new people. I was interning two days a week at Mother of Pearl, a sustainable luxury brand, at the same time. I absolutely loved my time there and I only just finished up last week. If there was a job for me there I would have stayed I loved it that much, but there wasn’t/ I’m now working freelance as a seamstress for an eco-friendly lingerie company which I’m really enjoying but as it’s only for a few months I’m still searching for ‘the one’.

I’ve enjoyed being creative and sewing again, and it’s made me consider perhaps creating my own line of sustainable lingerie, so watch this space for something in the near future. I also want to create some kind of career out o my blog and my love for Capsule Wardrobes and sustainable fashion. I feel like maybe the perfect career for me is a mix of a few different things, because that seems to keep me interested. At the moment, I have about three interviews for different internships and jobs coming up this week, so who knows, by the time you read this I may already have been snapped up.

walk in the park 8

The moon looked extraordinary o our walk in the park today – so so big – this photo doesn’t do it justice.

walk in the park 4

Keeping cosy in my second hand faux fur coat from Depop and a pashmina scarf from Nepal.



I feel like I’m in a constant battle between my head and my heart with what content I am / should be putting up on my blog. There are so many things I want to share here that sometimes that means I share nothing. My header says this is a ‘Capsule Wardrobe – DIY – Sustainability‘ blog. But what if I want to share some lifestyle posts? Or travel posts? Do I need to post them elsewhere? Do I need two separate blogs? My head tells me ‘NO’. That would be even more confusing to run two blogs, but I feel like my blog and I are having an identity crisis, and I’m not sure what to do with it.

Every year I say I want to create more DIY tutorial type content, either through posts or video, and this year is no different. I would love to share my newfound knowledge of how to make your own pants and bras, because it’s actually not as difficult as you might think. And it could possibly be the easiest (though not necessarily the quickest) way to get some sustainable, ethical and eco underwear. You’ll know who made them!I also want to challenge myself to not buy anything new or second hand this year and only MAKE my own items. Is that totally crazy? Or at least make 70%+ of my new pieces this year. It could be a really fun way to update my current pieces and they would be totally unique.

walk in the park 3



I think I have the same goals as a lot of people here like get fit, eat healthier etc. So far I’ve gone to the gym a bit more often each week and have taken up a weekly yoga class. This is the year I would like to develop a regular yoga practise because I’ve only dabbled in it in the past. I want to read more books. I want more experiences. I want to save some money for my future. I want to move into a house (at the end of the year). I want to cut back on buying material things and de-clutter my things and my life. I want to say YES to the things that make my heart happy and not be afraid to say NO to the things that don’t.

So that is my (long) list of hopes and dreams for the next 12 months. If you enjoyed reading mine I would LOVE for you to share your own in the comments below. I love reading about other people’s resolutions and goals. I find it so inspiring. I wish you all the BEST year of your lives (so far) !!!! xx



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