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Welcome to my mini series of Gift Guides this holiday season. If you still have some shopping left to do (let’s face it, who is THAT organised?) then hopefully these posts can help you figure out what to buy for that special someone. I am taking an anti-highstreet approach to my shopping this year so I’ve decided to share some sustainable and ethical gift ideas, as well as some more ethical and sustainable brands. Keep your eyes peeled for my next two gift guides, The Coffee Lover’s Gift Guide and The Zero-Waster’s Gift Guide. I’ll be sharing as many eco-conscious and ethical brands as I can to help you make better choices this Christmas.

The first guide is for that spirit junkie in your life. They love all things spirituality, crystals, card readings, manifestations and positive living. I believe these pieces would make really nice gifts to help them along their spiritual journey. Most of these items can be found in your local angel shop or online.





Tarot cards, Angel cards or Chakra cards are all wonderful ways to explore your inner clairvoyant. These cards, especially angel cards or chakra cards, can be a really nice way to begin the New Year,  by pulling some cards in a reading to reflect the year ahead. Tarot cards might need a little bit more experience to read, but can make an equally nice gift. I got these cards free in the December issue of Spirit & Destiny magazine, but can be purchased online or in most angel stores. Another great gift could be a voucher to go and have your cards read by a professional reader. I went at the beginning of 2018 and found it a really nice way to start the year and set intentions for the year ahead. And I’ll probably be going again before 2019.


SPIRITUAL GIFT GUIDEEssential oils are becoming more and more popular, with people choosing to diffuse oils instead of burning candles. The scent is much more natural and doesn’t release any harmful toxins into the air. Essential oils are also wonderful in aiding a meditation or manifestation practise, as they too have different vibrational frequencies. Oils can also be used in your beauty routine, with rose hip oil being great for skin. Add lavender to your night-time bath or pillow for a more restful sleep. I picked mine up in Holland & Barret.



Crystals are a great addition to a meditation or manifestation practise. If we find the right crystal, ones that we are drawn to, we can harness the powers of these crystals to raise our vibrations. Each crystal has different properties. Rose quartz is for love, fools gold is for money and abundance, and clear quartz has the highest frequency of all crystals, making it a great one to use for any kind of manifesting. Depending on where you buy them and what ones you buy, they can vary in price, but I would recommend buying the from a proper crystal or angel shop, so that you can discover the true meanings of the crystals and choose the right one. If it’s a gift for someone, just think what you would like to help them attract into their life in 2019. Money? Love? Balance? Confidence? There’s a crystal for everything.



Incense is believed to reduce anxiety, educe blood pressure and improve sleep quality, but it is also a wonderful air-freshener. It is much safer than a lit candle and the scent can sometimes last much longer too. It is very inexpensive so it’s the perfect stocking filler.



Sage is believed to remove negative energy from a space when you burn it. A smudge is used to cleanse the aura of a space. The smoke from the sage changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct impact on reducing our stress levels. You can buy smudge sticks in most Angel shops or online (check here).


If this post didn’t satisfy you or you feel like they may already have all of these items, check out the following links. I found all of these via Etsy, which is a great place to look for handmade gifts.

Personalised Astrology Forecast // Moon Tarot Keyring // Goddess Moon Box Kit // Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace // Mini Buddha in a Box // Chakra Energy Tower


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