February Capsule Wardrobe Challenge – 30 Pieces for 1 whole month

In order to fully kick-start my Capsule Wardrobe again, I’ve decided to really pair it back and give myself a certain number of pieces to work with for one month. I saw Patricia from Peexo started this last month, picking just 30 pieces for the month of January, and I thought this would be a really great way of giving myself a big kick up the (capsule wardrobe) behind!

I used Polyvore to plan which items I would choose. Again, these posts are never sponsored by Polyvore but I just think it’s an amazing tool for planning Capsule Wardrobes and outfits. I’m a sucker for a good collage-making tool!! I basically save or ‘like’ items that are similar (or the same, if I’m lucky) as pieces I already own, and it saves them in the ‘My Items’ tab.. Then you can use these pieces to create different outfit variations. I’m a little bit addicted actually, and I downloaded the app last week.. It’s been fun!!!

Here are the 30 items I chose to wear for the whole of February.. A mix of my everyday basics and some pieces I want to wear more of. In total I have 3 coats/jackets, 4 jumpers, 6 tops, 1 skirt, 4 trousers/jeans, 5 pairs of footwear, 3 bags and a belt. I didn’t include jewellery, hats or scarves because this will allow me to lightly switch up an outfit by adding a cool hat or keep myself warm with hats, scarves and gloves (which is a must, it’s February in Ireland after all!)


If you want to hear my chat even more about this Capsule Wardrobe Challenge then you can check out today’s video right here >>


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