Easy & Natural Teeth Whitening at Home

A bright, white smile is something I have always desired and never really seemed to find. I have tried a few whitening products in the past but none have seemed to whiten my teeth enough to notice a massive difference. In the last year or two I have become a bit of a fan of both coffee and red wine so I definitely had some staining to reverse. Enter Smile Brilliant, a Vegan and Cruelty Free Teeth Whitening system that promises lasting results.

The reason I was intrigued by Smile Brilliant is because they offer a custom fitted tray to use for whitening, making the experience much more comfortable and straightforward. I have never enjoyed wearing whitening strips or having to bite down on the trays to keep them in place. With Smile Brilliant trays you can go about your daily tasks while whitening and barely even notice you are wearing your teeth whitening trays and also talk like a normal human being. Bonus!

smile brilliant whiten at home

Step 1: Make the Mould

As  mentioned above, with Smile Brilliant you get a custom fitted tray for whitening. The first step once you receive your package is to create the trays by mixing the putty in the box and placing them into two trays – one for top, one for bottom. Then you need to bite down on the putty for a minute or so until the putty is set and the mould has been made. Once you have made the mould for the top and bottom teeth, you post these back to SB and wait to get your new whitening trays.


My top and bottom moulds.

Here is a look at my custom fitted Top tray. They fit so well that, like I said, I can talk with them in which is very handy to go about my day-to-day tasks.

smile brill 5

Step 2: Whiten

The whitening process is really simple and requires just 2 steps. The first is to apply a thin strip of the whitening gel onto the top and bottom trays and wearing these for 30 minutes up to 3 hours (whichever you decide). Step 2 is a similar process but this time we use the desensitizing gel in order to keep any tooth sensitivity to a minimum.

smile brill 3

smile brill 4


smile brill 2

With my trays in place.

The best part about using the whitening trays is that you can get on with whatever daily tasks you have to do around your house. For Valentine’s Night, I popped in my trays while I got my outfit, hair and face ready. It was the perfect amount of time for a whitening session, and my teeth looked pretty great for my date.

Teeth whitening at home - Dream Love Style blog

Here is a photo I posted on Instagram while getting ready for a date night. I was wearing my whitening trays and you couldn’t even tell!!


before and after smile brill half way

You can notice after 6 whitening sessions my teeth are looking a lot brighter and closer to their natural colour. 

I continued whitening my teeth over the next few weeks. I didn’t want to whiten them too much all at once in case of any sensitivity. With this product, I actually didn’t experience must sensitivity at all, except maybe a small bit directly after whitening. I made sure to use the desensitizing gel after ever whitening session just to make sure they didn’t get sensitive at any stage. I am actually quite surprised at the results from Smile Brilliant. I was expecting it to work well, because I had done my research and watched lot of other reviews on Youtube, but I was still quite skeptical until after my half way mark. I nearly would have been happy to stay at that shade, but after 12 sessions my teeth look, not only whiter, but brighter! I have had comments from friends and family about my teeth looking much whiter, which I think sometimes it takes looking back on the before photos to really notice the difference. In the photo below my teeth look as bright as, if not brighter than, my eyes. That’s usually how i compare whether my teeth look white or not. ✨

The Results


I would highly recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone looking to get an easy, white smile at home, which is why I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant to offer one of you 1 free T3 Sensitive Whitening Kit of your own! To be in with a chance to WIN this pretty ‘Brilliant’ prize (get it?) all you have to do is visit the link below:



Best of luck!x

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