DIY Tie Front Shirt

If you haven’t seen shirts like the gracing the streets lately you must have been hiding under a rock, because they are everywhere!! They are such a stylish looking piece but they don’t have to break the bank. This DIY, just like my last, was very quick and very basic so anybody can do it. And if you do like I did and go looking for shirts in thrift shops, this project may only cost you €2 and about half an hour.
You’ll need:

Large/ Oversized shirt

Stitch Ripper




Sewing Machine

The first step is to unpick all the armhole stitches to remove the two sleeves. This can take a bit of time but it’s worth it to do it right. Be careful not to rip any of the fabric.
Straighten off the two sleeves at one end (the end you will attach to the sides of the shirt) as this will make it easier to sew them if the line is straight.
When the sleeves are removed and starightened, line them up to the sides of the shirt like the image above, and mark (by ripping one stitch at the top and bottom of where the sleeve sits) where you need to rip the side seams.
Once both sides have been opened to the desired length, turn the shirt inside out. Insert the sleeve into the slot in the side of the shirt, and pin the sleeve in place.
NOTE: If your shirt is really big, now would be the time to alter the side seams to fit you. I didn’t do this the first time around and the shirt was very loose at the armholes. So take away an inch or so if you need to, and then sew in the sleeves when you sew up the side seams.
A straight stitch will secure the sleeve in place, and a zig-zag stitch will neaten any fraying edges.
Don’t forget to neaten the armholes back up by sewing down the seam allowance that’s there with a simple straight stitch.
Et Voila.. A bang-on-trend piece for your summer wardrobe. Try it with a denim or corduroy shirt for an AW take on the trend because I am sure this mini trend will be sticking around.

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