DIY | Rixo Inspired Mixed Print Dress

I have been eyeing up Rixo dresses for as long as I can remember (so possibly since they started out). I am obsessed with how they mix their prints – hey have an AMAZING eye (or set of eyes) for print clashing and creating the most beautiful feminine silhouettes. But until I can afford one of my own, I thought I would do my own take on a print clash dress. And it cost me nothing at all!

diy rixo dress 4diy rixo dressdiy rixo dress 1

I picked up both of these dresses second-hand, and both at swap shops, so they pretty much cost me nothing. Originally I wanted to turn Dress No.2 into a skirt, but once I found Dress No.1 I knew I had to mix and match these prints together. I removed the zip and sewed up the back seam completely before attaching to the top half of Dress No1.

Dress No.2 had a zip in the back which I had planned on keeping attached to the final piece, but I actually didn’t need to because Dress no.1 had an elasticated waist and I was able to keep this in tact when I separated it from it’s skirt. I just made sure to keep the elastic attached to the top half. I didn’t bother to unpick the stitching to separate the tops and bottoms, I just cut straight along the seam with a scissors.


I was so chuffed with the finished result, and at how easy it was to do. I think it took about an hour, and I was wearing the dress that evening 🙂 I definitely recommend up-cycling if you’re new to the DIY world. It’s so much easier to work with clothing that already has sleeves or hemlines etc, than trying to tackle fabric and patterns. It can be a wonderful way to learn how things go together, by taking them apart.

diy rixo dress 7.jpgdiy rixo dress 6

I styled the dress with a few more second hand pieces from my wardrobe, my trustee leather jacket from Camden Market and Biker boots from Depop.

If you have any recommendations for which designer pieces I can try DIY / Upcycle next, let me know in the comments. Your idea might be the next post here 🙂


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