DIY | Pinterest Inspired Photo Frame

Let’s face it. Some pieces of art are just too bloody awkward to find a frame for. They’re either too big or too small or just not the right colour or aesthetic. And don’t even mention cutting half of it off JUST to fit it in a frame…

So I came up with a rather nifty solution for a painting I wanted to hang in my new room. I saw this idea on Pinterest, I think, and I figured it was probably pretty easy to make. And I wasn’t wrong. I headed off to the hardware store, bought my supplies, returned home, and had this made and ready to hang in about half an hour (then proceeded to wait impatiently until the glue dried so I could hang it).

I highly recommend giving this DIY project a go. It’s definitely a beginner level job (minus the sawing). Just remember to be safe, only use a saw if you’re able to (if not, get help) and most importantly, enjoy the creativity!!!!

Oh, and bonus: The supplies only cost me about £6.. Much cheaper than any Ikea frame I saw!

final frame

You will need:

  • a painting / print / photo that needs framing
  • piece of wood 25mm x 10mm width, and twice the length of your photo + 4 inches
  • a hand saw, unless you can get it cut to size when you buy it
  • sandpaper
  • some wood glue
  • 2 screw in hooks
  • rope (approx 1m)
  • a screw or hook to hang

diy frame what you need


Cut the Wood

Your first job will be to cut the wood to the correct length, so that you have two identical pieces. One for the top of the frame, and one for the bottom. You can do this with a handsaw, if you’re not lucky enough to get it cut in the shop you purchased it. I got mine cut in half just so I could carry it home.

If you are using a handsaw, measure the length of your photo and add about 2 inches. That will be the length of each piece. Mark this length on the wood with a pencil or chalk. Once they’ve been cut, be sure to sand the raw edges.


Insert the Hooks

Next, you’ll want to insert the hooks for hanging the frame. You will need to add 2 hooks, one at either end, to just one piece of the wood. Insert the hooks into the narrower side of the wood. Measure about 1.5 inches in from the edge of the wood for the hooks. If these are a little tricky to get in by hand, use a pliers to hold the hook while you apply pressure and twist it in. diy frame hooks

diy frame measure

Lay the photo flat on a surface, and lay each piece of wood on top at the edges, where you will be attaching it. Mark the inside of the wood with a pencil once the wood is positioned with the same amount of overhang on each end. Use this as a guide when placing the wood onto the photo in the next step. (see above image)


Attach the Frame

diy draem glue

Using wood glue, cover the top of the photo with a line of glue, and place the strip of wood on top, making sure it’s centered. Hold in place for a few seconds. Repeat this step with the bottom piece and allow both to dry overnight.

diy frame gluediy framefarem


Hang the Frame

To hang the frame, tie some string around both of the hooks and make sure it is secure. Use a nail/screw or a wall hook to hang it.

diy frame ropefinal frame

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY and if you recreate it let me know by tagging me on Instagram @dreamlovestyle or sending me a pic, or letting me know in the comments below. xx

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