DIY Denim Cutoffs & How to Style

Denim shorts are such a ‘must-have’ piece for the summer months and it can be so hard to find the perfect pair. So what better way to find a pair you truly love than to make them yourself. This is definitely one of the easiest DIYs out there – no sewing involved what-so-ever!! All you’ll need is a pair of jeans, some scissors and a washing machine. Let’s go!


My first tip is to cut one leg first. Then, fold it over onto the other leg of the jeans to cut the 2nd leg. It’ll mean they are perfectly even. To mark where to cut just try on the jeans and place a pin at the desired length.


To distress them, firstly I pulled at the white threads along the hem of the shorts. Fray as much as you can now, but once you wash them in the machine it will fray a lot more. The create the rips in them I cut a small hole and then ripped it open by pulling at it. This frays the rip straight away instead of having to individually pull the threads.


Et Voila! The simplest DIY of your life, and your very own unique pair of denim shorts. Watch the video below to see exactly how I made them and to see 4 WAYS I styled them up.

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