DIY Before & After Summer Two-Piece

It may be a little late in the Summer ( or rather early in the Autumn) to be adding some more Summer clothes to my wardrobe but last week I went on one last holiday before I go back to reality (the reality that is college). I found this thrifted skirt I had bought a few years ago now, and figured I could make something super floaty and summery for the trip. White dresses are the ultimate summer ensemble, but I thought a two-piece could be equally as chic!

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———-Before & After———-

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Here’s how I divided up the fabric in the skirt to make sure I had enough. I worked with quite a long skirt, but if yours is shorter then perhaps you could make a shorter skirt for the two-piece or leave out the ruffle.

cut list

———-To Make the Skirt———-

To make the skirt, all you need to do is slightly gather the ruffle, and attach it to the end of the short skirt with a straight stitch on your machine. If you don’t have enough fabric for the ruffle, you can add a strip of fabric from something else or leave it out completely. Just fold in the hem 1 cm, then another 1 cm and finish with a straight stitch.

———-To Make the Top———-

Pattern pieces

Here are the two pattern pieces you will need to make the top out of the leftover fabric. You can make these by tracing up a fitted top you already own. Trace around the shoulders, neckline and armholes, and adjust to length to your desire. Mine was a little shorter than I would have liked but I used all the fabric I had. I only lined the front pieces of the top, just so I could wear it braless if I wanted to, and also because once it was sewn up the edges were really nicely finished.

———-To Sew up the Front Pieces———-

Sew each front piece to the lining piece around all the edges except the side seam and shoulder seam. Once sewn up, flip it the right way around and top-stitch the edges to make sure it all sits flat. Make sure when you make these two pieces they are opposites rather than the same.

———-To Sew up the Back———-

If you cut 2 pieces for the back, begin by sewing the center back seam with a 1cm seam allowance. If you cut it on the fold you won’t need this step. Next, finish the edges around the neckline, armholes and hem by turning in the fabric 1/2cm, then another 1/2cm.

———-Sew up the Top———-

Place all the top pieces right side together, and attach the front to the back at the shoulder seams and side seams. At this stage, try on the top and tie it up to see if it all fits nicely. I had to alter mine a little bit to ensure it was tight enough that it would securely cover me up! Finish the seams and stop them from fraying with a zig-zag stitch.

Et Voila! I really loved how this turned out, and I loved wearing it on holidays. The best part about a two-piece is that you can mix and match the top or skirt with other items in your wardrobe.

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