Capsule Wardrobe 2018


I first began my Capsule Wardrobe in January 2016, two years ago now. The first year was fun, creating different Capsules for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer for the first time was so interesting.. I became obsessed, watching so many videos about other blogger’s capsule wardrobes like The Anna Edit, Use Less, My Green Closet and so many more.. But a year or so in I started to get a little bit bored by my wardrobe. I still hadn’t found my ‘signature’ style, I had a wardrobe of basics that didn’t excite me and I wasn’t inspired enough to create Capsule Wardrobe content.

So back to now.. I’m coming back with a bang! I have done a big closet clear-out again, I feel like I have discovered my own uniform, of sorts, and I have decided to not buy anything new for the whole year (Whaaaattt?????) in order to fully commit to my new Capsule Wardrobe. I’m in the process of building an ultimate all year round capsule, and then working out my autumn/winter and spring/summer pieces that will go in and out of my wardrobe, depending on the season.


This outfit is a mix of some of my favourite capsule wardrobe pieces. This has been my favourite winter coat since I got it 6 years ago (or is it 7?). It comes out every year once the weather gets cold enough, and animal print is an essential in my wardrobe. An A-line skirt is another essential for me. I think a-line really compliments my shape and they’re so comfy! Polo necks are literally life for me, I have about 6 or 7 on rotation this winter. And the boots, well I’ve has them for almost 3 years now and they’re still gong strong. I plan to take them to get re-heeled soon instead of buying a new pair!


Something that I’ve only recently introduced to my wardrobe is 10 denier tights! I used to always wear a 40 denier +, but I think the really sheer look has totally updated my style. It makes more of a difference than you would think. It’s such a simple update to change up your looks a bit without buying any new clothes. Seems like a silly thing to be excited about, but I am!

Hopefully you guys will follow along on my Capsule Wardrobe journey this year, and perhaps start your very own journey to curating your own perfect wardrobe. You can check out my previous videos on My capsule wardrobe fro the last 2 years HERE and if you like them, subscribe to keep up to date with my new content.xx



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