Recent Reads: The Happiness Project

I love to read. Fiction, romance, novels, factual, self-help books, personal development.. All kinds of books. But I’ve never really shared that side of myself on my blog. So this year I’ve set myself a goal to read a book per month, and review each of them right here. So here is my first book. The Happiness Project.

The Happiness Project is a book written by Gretchen Rubin in which she dedicated a year of her life to her happiness and documents it. What a nice idea?! In the book she explains how one day, on a bus, she began to question ”is this my life?” ”am I happy?” and from then began this journey to learn about what makes people happy and what makes her (personally) happy.

 The book is broken down month by month, each month being a chapter. For every month Gretchen has assigned 4 or 5 ‘goals’ or resolutions for the month, for example ‘go to bed earlier’ ‘fight better’ ‘show up’ find more fun’, all things that she feels would make her happy, or lead to her long-term happiness. Which is very much what this book is about; Long-term Happiness. It’s not about getting immediate results but rather finding little ways to work towards the bigger picture.

I bought is on The Book Depository for about €6 (also free shipping), so I also recommend buying any books from there. (P.S not at all sponsored, I just love Free Delivery). It’s a worthwhile, yet also tiny, expense if it’s going to make you happier, and it will, because it really changes your mindset about certain things. Like fighting with your husband/boyfriend. Will it really make you happier to start nitpicking about something they did wrong? Or will it make you happier long-term to avoid the argument altogether? Little things like that make a huge difference to your overall day. If you’re married or have kids she also has great ideas for being a better parent/wife to make the whole house a more positive, happy environment. And who doesn’t want that?

All in all, it’s a great book, a fairly quick read, and a bit of an eye-opener really. It has certainly made me become more mindful of my happiness and has made me want to pursue the things that do truly add to my happiness.

Here’s a link to Gretchen’s blog if you wanna find out more, or start your own Happiness Project.

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