5 Ways to Practise Self Love



  1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.


We often hear phrases such as ”she loves herself” being thrown around in a negative way, but when did loving yourself become a bad thing?? Nowadays, there is so much emphasis on living a positive life and taking care of your well-being, and I believe this all starts with a little bit of self love (or a lot, if you like).

I thought Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to practise a little bit of Self-Love this year. I will be spending it with my girlfriends due to currently being in a LDR (long distance relationship), but I also want to take some time to spend a little bit of time alone and enjoy my own company. I have been trying to make an extra effort lately to spend more time alone instead of hanging out with my friends every evening, drinking tea, chatting and watching endless amounts of Don’t Tell the Bride (although, I do LOVE those nights) but it can be really important to spend time alone to reflect on your feelings and get your head straight. Here are some of my tips for spending some quality time alone and giving yourself that little bit of love you need.

71. Pamper Yourself

It’s time to crack out the face-masks, the body oil, nail polish, and everything else in your beauty stash. There’s nothing better than a nice facial to help you relax and refresh. It helps you feel fresher physically and mentally.

2. Get Mindful

While you’re waiting for your face-mask to set, take 10-15 minutes to practise some mindful meditation. You can look up some guided meditations on Youtube if you need some guidance, or go it alone if you’re a pro.. I like to look up videos base on the amount of time I have to spare, so I’ll search ”5 minute guided meditation..” when I have 5 minutes to spare or more if I have more time. Taking these 5 – 15 minutes out of you day to just sit and focus on your breath can bring you back to reality a little. There are so many benefits to mindful meditation such as improved sleep, reducing stress, improved focus and can help us get to know ourselves better.


3. Treat Yourself

This doesn’t always have to be something you buy, but it can be. I decided to treat myself to a good quality bra from Ann Summers because I hadn’t been measured in 5 years and I wanted something that would fit me really well and make me feel great. Other options could be your favourite magazine, a new haircut, a trip to the cinema (alone if you wanna go all out.. trust me, it’s fun!), a new lipstick or a latte in your favourite spot while you sit and people watch.. We’re all trying to save money for something, but sometimes you need to reward yourself for working so hard.


4. List your best bits

Write a list of all of the things you love about yourself.. big or small! Write down physical attributes you love, personality traits, accomplishments, talents etc.. Once you’ve written everything down, read over it and feel how good it feels to love these parts of yourself. If you start to think of things you don’t like so much, try to change your thinking and find something you love to counteract it.


5. Detox the bad shit!

Unfollow social media accounts that make you feel inadequate or self-conscious. Nobody needs that in their life! Remove toxic relationships in your life that don’t serve you anymore. Learn to say no to things you don’t want to do. If a food is making you feel shitty, stop eating it! Release the bad stuff and embrace the good!.. good foods, a good skincare routine, good friendships, good books, good movies and a good bra!!

Learn to love yourself so much that you want to treat yourself as you would your best friend. Build yourself up everyday, believe in yourself, and treat yourself like the Queen/King you are!!


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