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It has been a while (aaaaaages in fact) since I posted anything beauty related here, so today I decided I would talk you through some of my latest beauty purchases that I have been loving. I picked my top 5, although to be fair I haven’t really purchased a lot of makeup lately anyway, so there probably is only about 5 new pieces. Also, all of the products are cruelty free! I am hoping to do a video or blog post on my entire make-up collection soon as I am about to declutter and create a capsule makeup collection, so stay tuned for that.

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NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Shade Amsterdam

I have been lusting after these Lip Creams for as long as i can remember and had my eye in the Amsterdam shade in particular. Sp while I was in Amsterdam last month I decided to pick it up as a kind of souvenir. I put it on in the store as soon as I left the till and I was so impressed with how well it lasted all day while I was out and about. It’s a really lovely blueish red too so ideal for making you’re teeth look brighter and whiter.

Available to buy here

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KIKO Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Shade Metallic Bronze

Another souvenir type purchase is this little eyeshadow from KIKO that I picked up in London last February. I had never purchased anything from KIKO before and I was pretty impressed that it was so inexpensive and also cruelty free (as all of these products are). I think I paid about £2 for it at the time, and I also picked one up for my sister while I was in Amsterdam for around €2.

Available to buy here


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Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation 010 Light Beige

This is my most recent addition to my makeup collection (hands up who wants to see a video or blog post on my full makeup collection?). I picked it up in Penneys for €7.90. I had been keeping an eye out for a new cruelty free foundation because the one I have isn’t cruelty free (I’ve just been trying to use it up before I bought a new one). It has a liquid consistency which I love because it makes it much easier to blend into the skin and this shade is literally the perfect match for my skin, which is amazing because usually the lightest shade in any foundation is still a bit dark. Although it could be because I have a little bit more colour this summer than normal.

For details see here (available to buy in Penneys/Primark stores)

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P.S Love.. Metallic Liquid Lipstick in Molten Bronze

This is a total trend purchase but I have been wanting to try out metallic lipsticks lately and I think they would make a really interesting look for a night out. This kit includes a lip liner and liquid lipstick for €4, which is the perfect price for something you just want to dabble in a bit. I was actually suprised by how long lasting it was, because I wore it all day yesterday, drank lots of teas and coffees, and it stayed put for ages. It also wore off evenly so I give this product a massive thumbs up! If you would like to see it in action I have a makeup tutorial on my channel HERE)

See details here (available to buy in Penneys/Primark)

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Cocoa Brown ‘Tontouring’ Brush T1 Stippling Brush

These brushes are intended for ‘tontouring’ which is applying tan to your face as a kind of contouring, but I have been using this flat-top brush to apply my foundation and I really love the result. It’s a very soft brush and the flat shape buffs in the foundation very nicely and evenly.

Available to buy here

To see more Cruelty Free related beauty from me head over to my Youtube Channel

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