3 Tips for Buying Glasses Online

Allow me to introduce my new frames from GlassesShop.com. This is the second pair of glasses I have received from them and I am once again so pleased. I thought I would go for something a bit different to what I already have (my big nude frames ) so I went for something very 70’s inspired indeed. When my sister saw them she said they were exactly like my very first pair of glasses I had when I was seven. I kind of agree!!

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For those of you who have to wear glasses, I know there can be limited choice in stores, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different. I do have one pair from Specsavers that I bought in store but since getting my last two pairs online, I think I have been converted. Online shopping is always easier too right?

For those of you a bit skeptical about buying glasses online, here are my top tips for getting the perfect pair.

1. Make sure your prescription is up to date.

Even if you’re not buying your frames in store, go in and get your eyes tested if it has been more than 2 years since your last eye test. I got mine tested in Specsavers and asked them to write down my prescription for me so I could use it to order my glasses from GlassesShop.com. Be sure when entering your prescription that it is exactly right or your glasses may not be of any use.

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2. Pick a reputable website

It can be hard to know before you buy what kind of quality you’re getting. If you can find a website that has good reviews, all the better. I would personally recommend GlassesShop because both pairs glasses I received have been perfect. Perfect vision and quality. The delivery didn’t take too long either. Ask your other spectacle wearing friends if they’ve ever ordered online and see which places they would recommend, or check out some blogs for reputable places.

3. Try them on.

Most online glasses retailers will have an option to ‘try on’ the frames. You basically upload a photo of yourself and try on different frames to see how they suit your face in regards to style, size and colour. It can actually be quite fun to do and you may possibly waste a whole evening trying on every possible style (like me)! This is possibly the most important step when buying eyeglasses online.

So thank you very much to GlassesShop for sending me another beautiful pair of frames. I had considered picking up some prescription sunglasses from them, but I had been eyeing up gold frames like these for ages. I am currently looking through their range of prescription sunglasses right now though because they would be extremely handy to have and I also have a 50% off code for the website (and who doesn’t love a discount). Enter GSHOT50 at the checkout if you fancy a new pair of frames for yourself 🙂

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glasses c/o GlassesShop.com – 50% Discount Code GSHOT50

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