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I feel like today’s DIY is a bit of a ‘we’re looking in the Barney bag” type of project, by which I mean you are sure to have all of these pieces laying around your house somewhere… Old magazines, ribbon leftover from the last gift you received or a bunch of flowers you bought, and the usual Christmas necessity, sellotape! In a bid to make my own Christmas less wasteful and a bit more environmentally friendly (and easier on my bank balance too, might I add) I decided to come up with a more sustainable wrapping paper. I decided to use pages from magazines to wrap my gifts, and decorate them with some leftover ribbons. If you do need to go out and buy ribbon, well at least keep it for next year again. It can be used so many times.

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This is possibly one of the easiest way to wrap gifts, especially ones on the smaller side. Think jewellery, perfume, cds, smallish books, these can all be wrapped in a piece of A4 paper or smaller. You can also use sheets of newspaper which always look really rustic and cool.

you will need

I chose pages that had little to no text on them, but if you had a Christmas issue of a magazine then some of the text might be relevant. I pulled images from the fashion shoots, beauty pages, beautiful photography and just anything that caught my eye really.123

Et Voila! (Almost) Free wrapping paper.. And might I say, pretty individual too!!


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