12 DIYS of Christmas | Crystal Jewellery

Day 4 is finally here.. And to make up for the delay I’ve got 2 DIYs in 1 today. I was recently in my local Angel shop where they sell all kinds of beautiful things, but I particularly love their selection of crystals and precious stones. I have a mini collection of my own and can never resist adding some new ones. I thought they would make a really beautiful DIY project that you could give somebody as a gift, that would have both sentimental value (because you made it for them) but also the healing value of the stones. And they were super cheap, each one of these cost me only €1. I picked a larger crystal for the necklace and a teeny tiny one for the ring.

diy jewleery

The best thing about these projects is that they are totally customisable depending on which stones you choose and you can make them really personal to whomever you’re giving it to by choosing a stone with a personal healing power, whether somebody suffers from worrying, self-confidence, creative block etc.

you will need

To make the Crystal Necklace123necklace

Once your necklace is finished, just pop it onto a chain from an old necklace or a nice string and it is ready to be worn or gifted.

To make the Stone Ring

ring ringring 1ring 2ring 3ringring on finger

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s tutorials. Stay tuned for 8 more coming your way! And I’m also going to be starting #12daysofvlogmas over on my Youtube Channel on the 14th of December so if you want to follow along on my lead up to Christmas you can SUBSCRIBE HERE !!x

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